blizanciGEMINI – Gemini 2016 begins still with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, in the field of home, and that will remain until 8. September. Expansion, renovation of home, perhaps relocation and enter the beautiful living space, the formation of family life, a happy circumstance that accompanies the Gemini. Towers in September 2016. Also in the field of home monitors this planet Pluto in favorable aspect to it, in the field of inherited property, property partners loans and general support of others, and these are the meanings that will follow an occasion Geminis housing solutions. Shortly before that, namely from February 2 until July 11, the planet out of the field at home will be a nice Saturn viewed only from the field of partnerships and twin happiness, and ambition to arrange their living space, can be traced not approve of partners, which will in some way obstruct the intentions of this character. It is disorientation spouse in a new area or disagreement when it comes to the solution of living, the living space.
The most challenging period in terms of love and partnerships between March and August, and this is the period when couples should avoid conflicts. This pressure and mixing partner runs until the beginning of October 2016, and the concrete assistance provided by partners, the Gemini can be relied upon from the month of October, from the moment they’re going to partner relationships become much better, which will last until the end of 2017. Thus, in October , November and December, in partnership far more stable, with the support of partners and love.
Those who are in open relationships, as well as those who are planning to seed, from the moment when Jupiter goes into the fifth, their natural field of love children and entertainment, from 8. September, until the end of the year, moving the expansion, which will last for the coming year, therefore, until September 2017.
Particularly those who had so far not been in a relationship, it’s easier to find a partner, and carried into effect relationship, especially when Jupiter 08.oktober charge you happy where they are found, are no longer limited by Saturn from natural fields partnerships. As the ruler of the fields partnerships during the year in the field of home, partners with whom free representatives of the sign can be a rewarding relationship, the Gemini finds near his home. Another aspect of the partnership is a stay of Saturn over the next two years, ie 2016 and 2017 for the field of partnership and marriage, and this period will be a test for many spouses. Unfortunately some of them will in the period to end a marriage, because Saturn nobody caresses nor forgives failures while the second part of Gemini, and after two years out transformed and strengthened as a person, just developments in the partnership. These are not nice at all events in the life partners, and Gemini needs to be patient and help their spouses.
When it comes to career, all those who do their job in the public eye, or that the performance of some form of managerial jobs and other lawmakers and the impact of the public, throughout the year will not be particularly pleasant due to the square of Saturn and Neptune, especially if they have ambitions that surpass real-frames and features. 2016 in the field of career will bring confrontation with what is a realistic, within the profession and Gemini will see to what extent does it differ from the one that imagined things. The first three months of January, February and the first few days of March, Mars as the ruler of field work in the house of labor, means at its headquarters, it seems that converged their best and be committed to their work, primarily due to increased workload. That does not mean it will be easy for them to do business and that they will increase in volume every time it pleasant, but let’s say it would be easier for those who in these first three months of work to be carried out or sharing it with their friends or with their support and presence.
Then, walking retrograde Mars returns to the field work in late May, where he remained until the end of July, where the Gemini have the opportunity to finish what they left unfinished during the first three months of 2016, while the primacy in April, and most of May actually have partnership at the expense of jobs and work. During August and September, relationships and marriages go through turbulnetan period. Especially when Mars is passed over Saturn from 22.August to 27. August, when the Gemini their partners viewed in a more realistic light, especially if they are related to partnerships and career couples. It’s an approach it did in the home can lead to tumultuous conflicts, disagreements with parents, family members and partner.
August is usually the month when most dynamic will be in the field of home and parents. Even four planets in August full of natural field home Gemini and engaging in real estate this month, can give the best results. In late September and in October, and in the first decade of November, the activity in the field of sexuality, seeking sponsors, support from banks and other general. The month of November will be a further period of one beautiful times in which the Gemini encounters with other cultures, different from what was used, somewhat exotic and the journey to it may seem inspiring him to learn new languages.
In December 2016, the career is again in focus, Gemini consumes relentlessly. This is the month where there is a sudden situation with children, those who are parents, and the twins who have children suggests more caution and perhaps better control the children, where they go and what they do.
All in all 2016, when the Gemini are concerned, the focus is on home, real estate, landscaping life, serious and defining partnership, seriousness in marital partnerships.