blizanciGEMINI – Gemini 2016 begins still with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, in the field of home, and that will remain until 8. September. Expansion, renovation of home, perhaps relocation and enter the beautiful living space, the formation of family life, a happy circumstance that accompanies the Gemini. Towers in September 2016. Also in the field of home monitors this planet Pluto in favorable aspect to it, in the field of inherited property, property partners loans and general support of others, and these are the meanings that will follow an occasion Geminis housing solutions. Shortly before that, namely from February 2 until July 11, the planet out of the field at home will be a nice Saturn viewed only from the field of partnerships and twin happiness, and ambition to arrange their living space, can be traced not approve of partners, which will in some way obstruct the intentions of this character. It is disorientation spouse in a new area or disagreement when it comes to the solution of living, the living space.
The most challenging period in terms of love and partnerships between March and August, and this is the period when couples should avoid conflicts. This pressure and mixing partner runs until the beginning of October 2016, and the concrete assistance provided by partners, the Gemini can be relied upon from the month of October, from the moment they’re going to partner relationships become much better, which will last until the end of 2017. Thus, in October , November and December, in partnership far more stable, with the support of partners and love.
Those who are in open relationships, as well as those who are planning to seed, from the moment when Jupiter goes into the fifth, their natural field of love children and entertainment, from 8. September, until the end of the year, moving the expansion, which will last for the coming year, therefore, until September 2017.
Particularly those who had so far not been in a relationship, it’s easier to find a partner, and carried into effect relationship, especially when Jupiter 08.oktober charge you happy where they are found, are no longer limited by Saturn from natural fields partnerships. As the ruler of the fields partnerships during the year in the field of home, partners with whom free representatives of the sign can be a rewarding relationship, the Gemini finds near his home. Another aspect of the partnership is a stay of Saturn over the next two years, ie 2016 and 2017 for the field of partnership and marriage, and this period will be a test for many spouses. Unfortunately some of them will in the period to end a marriage, because Saturn nobody caresses nor forgives failures while the second part of Gemini, and after two years out transformed and strengthened as a person, just developments in the partnership. These are not nice at all events in the life partners, and Gemini needs to be patient and help their spouses.
When it comes to career, all those who do their job in the public eye, or that the performance of some form of managerial jobs and other lawmakers and the impact of the public, throughout the year will not be particularly pleasant due to the square of Saturn and Neptune, especially if they have ambitions that surpass real-frames and features. 2016 in the field of career will bring confrontation with what is a realistic, within the profession and Gemini will see to what extent does it differ from the one that imagined things. The first three months of January, February and the first few days of March, Mars as the ruler of field work in the house of labor, means at its headquarters, it seems that converged their best and be committed to their work, primarily due to increased workload. That does not mean it will be easy for them to do business and that they will increase in volume every time it pleasant, but let’s say it would be easier for those who in these first three months of work to be carried out or sharing it with their friends or with their support and presence.
Then, walking retrograde Mars returns to the field work in late May, where he remained until the end of July, where the Gemini have the opportunity to finish what they left unfinished during the first three months of 2016, while the primacy in April, and most of May actually have partnership at the expense of jobs and work. During August and September, relationships and marriages go through turbulnetan period. Especially when Mars is passed over Saturn from 22.August to 27. August, when the Gemini their partners viewed in a more realistic light, especially if they are related to partnerships and career couples. It’s an approach it did in the home can lead to tumultuous conflicts, disagreements with parents, family members and partner.
August is usually the month when most dynamic will be in the field of home and parents. Even four planets in August full of natural field home Gemini and engaging in real estate this month, can give the best results. In late September and in October, and in the first decade of November, the activity in the field of sexuality, seeking sponsors, support from banks and other general. The month of November will be a further period of one beautiful times in which the Gemini encounters with other cultures, different from what was used, somewhat exotic and the journey to it may seem inspiring him to learn new languages.
In December 2016, the career is again in focus, Gemini consumes relentlessly. This is the month where there is a sudden situation with children, those who are parents, and the twins who have children suggests more caution and perhaps better control the children, where they go and what they do.
All in all 2016, when the Gemini are concerned, the focus is on home, real estate, landscaping life, serious and defining partnership, seriousness in marital partnerships.



bikTAURUS HOROSCOPE 2016– will start from those beautiful planetary settings in 2016, before detailed by months consider the key segments of life. Jupiter in Taurus 5. haus, in the field of love, children and creativity, fun, in a favorable aspect to Pluto from fields abroad, travel, spiritual work, higher education and further education, in the first eight months of 2016, more precisely to the 08.August, provides Taurus support in these areas of life get the best.
In particular, in January 2016, when the Sun is in the field abroad and higher education. Since Pluto is the planet of depth, the planet of mysteries and secrets, these journeys to distant countries, can mimic the former adventure hikes, or at least have the spirit of uncovering the deepest impulses and affections that man has in himself. This is the introduction to his own psychology and spirituality. However, love is in in the background all, because I do not forget, Jupiter is in the field of love. If the parents will be inspired Bulls and their children and the way they find their way, the more they will spend time with their offspring and seriously they sanctify.
Professional life Taurus in turn, varies by September 2016 and just this constant change and stumbling on it may seem frustrating when it comes to professional realization, while the last three months of 2016, October, November and December, but offer stabilization, which the Bulls could not feel over the year. The first three months of January, damage February, March, problems at work, lack of work, and cause problems in partnership, primarily because it is less money, and existence is unsettled. Finance will be the cause of unrest, nervousness and trembling, especially those representatives of the sign, which is constantly being operated with new and new ideas, which can be realized.
And though the Bulls have a good intuition, when material goods are concerned, until September will be brakes and will not actually take place in high style, as they used to. In the first three months of 2016 the partnership, partnership, friendly alliances and business, aggravating work. If it comes to the unresolved accounts from the past and negative experiences and memories of these people, the first three months may prove sobering.
When it comes to health, strength, vitality, almost an excess of energy, should be a sign to them that if they can not professionally to realize that periods of calm at work, used for recreation. At the end of the year, namely in October and November 2016, the Bulls will drastically alter your lifestyle, eating habits and even in clothing.
We now partner relationships in detail and field of love. Since Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and diversification, in August 2015 entered the field of love Taurus, where he stayed until 8 September 2016, this sign which otherwise ruled by Venus, will be more receptive to the theme of love, romantic, sensual, erotic awakened. Those who have been for some time alone or in the existing relationships feel lonely, the easier it will be to decide on a new connection. Since this planet of luck once in 12 years finds himself in a sign, this will not be lukewarm emotions or distributed, nor daily choices our partners. Partner quite easily be a stranger or an educated person, someone who inspires spiritual work and creativity.
Considering that by Pluto from 9.haus this aspected Jupiter, through partners and love, changing attitudes and way of life, a way of thinking, sense of freedom and the pursuit of expanding their own horizons. Through this partner, Taurus make comparisons of two worlds and gain a new perspective on life, a different culture, a different spiritual form.
This is also due to the difficulty that most of the year in negative aspect to Jupiter, the real Saturn and Neptune and Saturn to Neptune, idealization or partner and love, and above all faith and what faith can offer, one aspect of moving certain dogmatic concept on the one hand and on the other hand, strong demand for the release of it. This idealization of the first leads to frustration and then to disappointment.
When partnerships are concerned, in particular the periods when this will be the most noticeable are the periods when Mars is actually at its headquarters, the field of partnership, in January, February and the first few days of March, making active partner issues, dynamic, verbally, then again returning retrograde in the same field of partnership and marriage in June, to complete what was not in the first three months of 2016.
Already in July, in the same field coming out of retrograde walk, and repeat the experience, moving direct drive, and at the end of July exceeds the field of sexuality and eroticism, where it remained until the end of September. Taurus in these periods should stay away from conflicts, verbal as physical, because it will be very difficult to remain calm.
Detailed overview of career and business, labor, shows that the transition of Jupiter in field work, from September 8 until the end of 2016, makes active from that point field work in a more favorable way than during the year. Ruler career fields Saturn in 8th house, support of others, other people’s property, property of parents and partners, banks, until the end of the year was adversely laid in relation to Neptune from the fields of friends, goals, objectives and group work, and such a combined service should be avoided or or is kept under control, because Taurus will realize that it can only themselves to rely on.
8th house is not only a field support of others, or regeneration through sexual energy, this is sometimes forgiveness of those we love. Taurus as it will wander due to excessive expectations in relying just on those who can not be trusted and who can not help him. For questions purposes, search objectives, but this is not a favorable period, because goals can be too much or can be painted an idea, illusion and dogma that it hampers the work. However, with Saturn as the ruler of his career, which seeks discipline in the sphere of capital investments, the search for sponsors, investors, this is the focus of Taurus in his career during 2016 that will not be easy.
What annoys Taurus during this period are limited circumstances which are in the form of government or superiors and law, it is mostly those that can not be influenced. So a slower pace and stagnation until September 2016, and from that moment on dismissal and expansion. According to Finance unfavorable aspects to September will be reflected in an existential crisis, especially from April to May 2016 and again later in June.
However, knowing that tenzis period has an end and that everything is better than September 8, when the Taurus to arrive more business offer and when it will be able to choose and design their own work environment, associates, and even business operates mitigating . He’ll be back confidence in the life of Taurus in the sphere of labor, and will be until October 2017. The real struggle with competitors, competition and great alliances in October and November 2016.
All in all, a challenging year, especially in the field of love, and those who are parents of children in the joy of working and socializing with them.



ovanARIES Horoscope 2016 – In 2016, the first position of Jupiter in Virgo, the constellation of order, work and discipline, the natural field of work and health, increased workload and rewards those who Rams be facing labor and education. Jupiter otherwise managed by big business, but in Virgo he is more concerned with working methods which will actually Aries in 2016, to create a good foundation for the future and give yourself a lot of profession. Also, Jupiter will make a nice aspect to Pluto, which is located in the career field of Aries, and this trine will work regenerating the entrepreneurial spirit, stimulating Aries I’m getting things done without relying on others and not waiting for a favorable wind in the back. At the same time Jupiter will work out of the field most of the year will be adversely set to Saturn from fields abroad and higher education, and Neptune in the 12th house of secrets and what we lack clarity, which transcends us, and Aries will have the impression of struggling with situations, you can not even define.
Yet these aspects speak primarily about the inability to see clearly their own limitations, the exaggeration, the unfavorable circumstances surrounding the achievement of success, the feeling of inhibition, because can not arrive recognition for the effort. This can result from time to time, in the course of 2016, the collapse of discipline and interest. Jupiter’s action always encourages progression and growth, but since this is the field of health, by means of this planet many Rams, will deal with arranging their habits, will have to get healthier foods, and generally healthier living.
Since Uranus coexistence still resides in the sign of Aries, where for a long time, otherwise charge of the central nervous system, and if it ailments in Aries, it will be the consequences of psychosomatic problems, and stress in the first place. Although this at first may sound like common place, so accelerated with the workload, stress will generally be negligible factor. Uranus is also the modernization, upgrading, and kicks, he introduced innovations in the work, but also other segments of life. The trine-favorable aspect to Saturn, somewhat rigorous, without spontaneity which he usually characteristic, no immediacy, but above all the planning work, the strategy which preceded the analysis and making long-term plans – it’s basic characteristics in the field of work, in 2016 only During January and February, while the ruler is retrograde Mercury and field work in the career field, confusion and delay, Aries who does not like to wait and general stagnation in the work will experience agonizing.
In August and September, Mercury is retrograde again, this time in the field of labor and that period should be used for other activities and relaxation.
On the other hand, stays Saturn in natural 9th house, but in 2016 and 2017, will motivate the Ram to reconsider his philosophy of life and sometimes this will plunge deep into yourself, involve solitude, which others may seem mysterious, alienated, withdrawn. Dogma, any teachings that have kept him in a rigid frame, will be the challenge during 2016, a happy circumstance that Saturn in Sagittarius is not to such an extent inclined to fatalism as in some others signs. Since the Sagittarius naturally 9 field of Aries, activities related to foreign countries, working abroad, cooperation with foreigners, studies, professional training, all this will be in the game in 2016.
Saturn is disciplining and can be done consequently and limiting, but seriously engaged and committed rams, can only bring success to the aforementioned issues. If you choose to work abroad or to cooperate with strangers, they will not be easy, because nothing with Saturn is not easy, and does not happen spontaneously. However, this is a great time for all the things that have not completed their studies to be completed, because the ruler of Sagittarius and is in the sense of high school institutions and knowledge.
When finances are concerned, during the first half of the year will be challenges on all sides that it does not wisely spent and invested the money, but the second part was better in terms of finance. Risky decisions, make mistakes in judgment about investments, these are the pitfalls of the first 6 months of 2016 that Aries should avoid. Caution with banks, loans, money, partners and investments without coverage, especially due to retrograde walk ruler Mars first eight months, in one of the fields of finance Aries. The last three months of the year, offering greater prosperity and better inflows. Contracts with foreigners, overseas travel or cooperation with people from further abroad, it will have its ups and downs but in 2016.
When the partnership is concerned, the first eight months of 2016, more extraordinary events, until the entry of Jupiter in Libra September 8, natural field partnerships Aries, when this character is experiencing growing interest and enthusiasm for solving problems in existing relationships. Since September, Leo will be more interested in their relationship, and those who had so far not been compared or have doubts about getting married, can I get a decision from September 2016, and more firmly attached to their partner.
Jupiter is full of beautiful promises, a benefic is a planet that looks to fix things, make them big, beautify, and field partnerships receive and expansion experienced partner relations. This also business partnerships and partnerships, but above all marital partnerships and relationships couples. January, February and the first part of March, the months when Taurus weighs more public presence, his career, and a little less warmth and intimacy in a relationship partner. The last three months of the year, bring social prestige and prosperity across Partnert but Aries, and Aries partner. Something more romantic this sign will be during April, prepared for seduction and love of the game. It is also the month of harmonious partnership, relations that have been established, defined as links.
Then, in July and August, Venus, and then the sun passes through the sign of eroticism and sensuality, stimulating sexual desire, the desire for physical beauty and regeneration. And finally, as we have said joining Jupiter in the field of relations in September 2016, the planet of luck that there remained until October 2017. From September, it is a relationship in which the partners have a common goal and, social, business, common spiritual interests. This is a more active social life with a partner, travel, exchange of experiences, knowledge. Relationships that have outdated models of behavior that are extinguished love, will be discontinued from September, to give way to something much broader. And although it will at first seem traumatic experience of separation from the outdated, will actually be liberating. So, in September 2016 in the field of employment, superb planetary pair, the Sun and Jupiter that opens your lucky year partnership, entering the sign of Libra.


NEDELJNI HOROSKOPastro foto karta i srca

OVAN- ponedeljak Ovnu donosi manju neprijatnost u polju karijere, kao da će neko pokušati da ga u javnosti diskredituje ili pred pretpostavljenima. Rad sa ženama u svakom slučaju iritantan početkom nedelje. Sedište priče se tokom te nedelje inače seli sa posla, na partnerske odnose. Izražena sekuslanost i zainteresovanost za partnera u onim segmentima života, koji su zapustili. Nešto intezivnije izražen libido inače tokom celog meseca. Jupiter iz polja rada čini da Ovan ima posla, ali pre svega podršku drugih kroz posao i bolje prilive novčane.

BIK- kod ovog znaka dinamizam na poslu poprima dimenzije vezivanja za saradnike ili rađanje ljubavi na poslu i povezanost partnerstva i rada. Kada su finansije u pitanju, podrška partnera u radu će se očitavati u konkretnoj pomoći, pa će se Bik i tokom ove nedelje više oslanjati na zaradu svog partnera i njegov učinak i doprinos. Partner igra dominantu ulogu i u domu, pa je Bik u ovom periodu u inferirnom položaju kad su u pitanju odluke u domu. Blokiran pomalo u traženju sponzorstva i pomoći, tuđe podrške uopšte.

BLIZANCI- odavno nisu ovako bili zainteresovani za ljubav i partnerske veze. U slobodnim vezama, sve vrca od uzbuđenja i erotskog naboja, koji će ih inače pratiti tokom celog meseca. Onima koji su u braku, ova nedelja može biti nedelja lepih vesti, kada je potomstvo u pitanju. U polju rada Sunce u Škorpiji ih čini dominantnim i autritativnim, pa im od strane pretpostavljenih lako mogu biti ponuđena ili bolja radna mesta ili povišice. U svakom sučaju uvećan obim posla i rad sa mlađom populacijom unosi raznovrsnost i opuštenost u radni ambijent.

RAK- ponedeljak može biti težak u radu sa ženama, posebno ukoliko su žene pretpostavljeni, manji sukob na poslu. U domu intezivna dešavanja, ili Rak razmišlja o ponovnom kućenju ili o uređenju životnog prostora. U domu je i ljubav, Venera i Mars zajedno, a i samo polje ljubavi gde boravi Sunce u Škorpionu, čini da Rakovi osećaju veću astro foto mlad mesecpotrebu za bliskošću sa partnerom, kao i za erotičnim susretima. Ipak Rak u ovom periodu kao da nešto više priča i pregovara sa svojim partnerom. Posao koji trenutno obavlja nije mu lak, ali kontakti sa inostranstvom u radnoj sferi mogu biti od pomoći.

LAV- je posredstvom dece ili onih koji ga vole na dobitku tokom ove nedelje. Inače živa korespodencija, razgovori, pregovori i svi poslovi koji podrazumevaju prodaju npr. lepih predmeta ili usluga ovog tipa. U polju doma Sunce, čini da je sva energija usmerena ili na uređenje domam ili na ukućane i bližnje. U ljubavi i seksualnosti manji zastoj i inhibicije, u svakom slučaju nezadovoljstvo. Na poslovnom planu manji problemi sa saradnicima, posebno ukoliko su žene, ali kako nedelja odmiče, Lav će pronalaziti balans obavljajući poslove u kući koji već dugo čekaju da dodju na red.

DEVICA- vladar polja novca u kući novca, dobro povezan sa matičnim domom, pa vidimo da Devica ima pomoć ukućana. Onima koji imaju decu, deca će biti izvor većih troškova, a slobodni predstavnici znaka mogu više od planiranog trošiti na zabavu i provod. Sunce u polju korespodencije, reči i razgovora ih čini oštrim na jeziku pa bi zapravo trebali da izbegavaju sukobe i budu odmereni i taktični kako već jesu po svojoj prirodi. Partner svoje tajne još uvek vešto krije od ukućana pa i od Device, tako da prave namere partnera Devica još ne može znati.

VAGA- je okrenuta svom partneru i partner njoj i sve je u znaku jakih emocija i moguće pokušaja mirenja kod onih koji su bili u svađi. Partner odjednom ima centralno mesto u životu Vage. Konstruktivnim razgovorom tokom ove nedelje mnoge Vage će dosta toga uspeti da reše. Kada je posao u pitanju, već neko vreme igranje mačke i miša ne odgovara Vagama koje inače nemaju problem sa taktiziranjem, ali sa prljavim igrama iza leđa i laganjem od strane saradnika da. Poslovi koji se rade u potaji, ilegalni poslovi na crno i sl u ovom periodu donose odlične prihode.

ŠKORPIJA- će biti okružena onima koje voli, prijateljima, istomišljenicima i ovo će joj prijati, svaki znak pažnje prema njoj. U ovom periodu što je od velike važnosti ima i naklonost pretpostavljenih na svojoj strani, zaštitu autoriteta i profesionalnu sadisfakciju. Ovo prate i dobri finansijski prilivi, ali je zbog Saturna u polju novca ovaj znak već sad u strahu od onog što donosi buućnost pa troši umerenije. Počeak nedelje samo može doneti sukob na poslu sa ženskom osobom. Dobro će priodovati i oni koji rade neki posao na crno, bave se nelegalnim radnjama i sl. Partnerstva će dobro fukcionisati ako su tajna.

STRELAC-odlično će funkcionisati u grupnom radu i sa prijateljima tokom ove nedelje. Imaće potrebu da pomaže ljudima i bude milosrdan. Planete ljubavi su u polju prijateljstva, pa ljubav dolazi iz grupe onih sa kojima radimo ili poznanstvom preko prijatelja i kroz prijateljstvo. U polju doma određena nejasna situacija ili tugovnje za nekim članom porodice. Strelac pred ukućanima krije svoje probleme i intimu. Kada je profit u pitanjuu i finansije uopšte on tokom ovog perioda lakše ide kroz rad sa prijateljima i njihovim posredstvom. Zdravstvena situacija se popravlja, bar je jasnija slika i dijagnoza.

JARAC- dinamičan rad sa prijateljima u grupi istomišljenika. Zbog Sunca u polju ciljeva i svrhe, Jarac ima i jasnije usmerenje i planove. Polje karijere i polje ljubavi jasno povezani, pa ispunjenje pronalazi ovaj znak u vezama koje se odvijaju u poslovnom okruženju. Deca Jarčeva će takođe biti predmet društvenog uspeha i radosti. Ukoliko su iza nejga neke nerešene parnice ovaj period može biti period loših vesti po tom pitanju, pa će gledati kako da reše situaciju i kod koga da potraže zaštitiu jer je reč o problemu koji ne mogu sami da reše.

VODOLIJA- izuzetna zaštita autoritete i pomoć drugih pri realizaciji na profesionalnom planu. Vodolija sija na društvenoj sceni i velikog udela u ovome ima i njegova ljubav. Deca takođe mogu biti predmet radosti jer postižu uspeh i društvenu sadisfakciju. Vodolija uspešno putuje, a motiv za put mogu biti ljubavna veza, održavanje veze na daljinu i otrkivanje novih kultura i prostora. Prijatelji mogu biti predmet neprijatnog, neplaniranog troška ili neka ideja koja se u prkasi nije pokazala pametnom, posebno ukoliko je podrazumevala rad sa prijateljima ili u grupi.

RIBA- pretpostavljeni kao da nešto kriju od Ribe i rade joj iza leđa. Put u inostranstvo ili saradnja i intezivni kontakti sa strancima i ljudima iz inostranstva mogu u ovom periodu otvoriti vrata ovom znaku za dalje napredovanje ili put. Ribe kao da će negde daleko tražiti svoj dom. Neki će pomišljati i na brak u inostranstvu ili sa strancem i u tome videti rešenje problema. Ipak razlog, motiv za odlazak će pre svega biti želja za radom i zaradom. Početak nedelje može biti stresan u ljubavi, posebno muškim predstavnicima znaka. Ostatak nedelje protiče strasno uz Veneru i Marsa u polju seksualnosti.