bikTAURUS HOROSCOPE 2016– will start from those beautiful planetary settings in 2016, before detailed by months consider the key segments of life. Jupiter in Taurus 5. haus, in the field of love, children and creativity, fun, in a favorable aspect to Pluto from fields abroad, travel, spiritual work, higher education and further education, in the first eight months of 2016, more precisely to the 08.August, provides Taurus support in these areas of life get the best.
In particular, in January 2016, when the Sun is in the field abroad and higher education. Since Pluto is the planet of depth, the planet of mysteries and secrets, these journeys to distant countries, can mimic the former adventure hikes, or at least have the spirit of uncovering the deepest impulses and affections that man has in himself. This is the introduction to his own psychology and spirituality. However, love is in in the background all, because I do not forget, Jupiter is in the field of love. If the parents will be inspired Bulls and their children and the way they find their way, the more they will spend time with their offspring and seriously they sanctify.
Professional life Taurus in turn, varies by September 2016 and just this constant change and stumbling on it may seem frustrating when it comes to professional realization, while the last three months of 2016, October, November and December, but offer stabilization, which the Bulls could not feel over the year. The first three months of January, damage February, March, problems at work, lack of work, and cause problems in partnership, primarily because it is less money, and existence is unsettled. Finance will be the cause of unrest, nervousness and trembling, especially those representatives of the sign, which is constantly being operated with new and new ideas, which can be realized.
And though the Bulls have a good intuition, when material goods are concerned, until September will be brakes and will not actually take place in high style, as they used to. In the first three months of 2016 the partnership, partnership, friendly alliances and business, aggravating work. If it comes to the unresolved accounts from the past and negative experiences and memories of these people, the first three months may prove sobering.
When it comes to health, strength, vitality, almost an excess of energy, should be a sign to them that if they can not professionally to realize that periods of calm at work, used for recreation. At the end of the year, namely in October and November 2016, the Bulls will drastically alter your lifestyle, eating habits and even in clothing.
We now partner relationships in detail and field of love. Since Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and diversification, in August 2015 entered the field of love Taurus, where he stayed until 8 September 2016, this sign which otherwise ruled by Venus, will be more receptive to the theme of love, romantic, sensual, erotic awakened. Those who have been for some time alone or in the existing relationships feel lonely, the easier it will be to decide on a new connection. Since this planet of luck once in 12 years finds himself in a sign, this will not be lukewarm emotions or distributed, nor daily choices our partners. Partner quite easily be a stranger or an educated person, someone who inspires spiritual work and creativity.
Considering that by Pluto from 9.haus this aspected Jupiter, through partners and love, changing attitudes and way of life, a way of thinking, sense of freedom and the pursuit of expanding their own horizons. Through this partner, Taurus make comparisons of two worlds and gain a new perspective on life, a different culture, a different spiritual form.
This is also due to the difficulty that most of the year in negative aspect to Jupiter, the real Saturn and Neptune and Saturn to Neptune, idealization or partner and love, and above all faith and what faith can offer, one aspect of moving certain dogmatic concept on the one hand and on the other hand, strong demand for the release of it. This idealization of the first leads to frustration and then to disappointment.
When partnerships are concerned, in particular the periods when this will be the most noticeable are the periods when Mars is actually at its headquarters, the field of partnership, in January, February and the first few days of March, making active partner issues, dynamic, verbally, then again returning retrograde in the same field of partnership and marriage in June, to complete what was not in the first three months of 2016.
Already in July, in the same field coming out of retrograde walk, and repeat the experience, moving direct drive, and at the end of July exceeds the field of sexuality and eroticism, where it remained until the end of September. Taurus in these periods should stay away from conflicts, verbal as physical, because it will be very difficult to remain calm.
Detailed overview of career and business, labor, shows that the transition of Jupiter in field work, from September 8 until the end of 2016, makes active from that point field work in a more favorable way than during the year. Ruler career fields Saturn in 8th house, support of others, other people’s property, property of parents and partners, banks, until the end of the year was adversely laid in relation to Neptune from the fields of friends, goals, objectives and group work, and such a combined service should be avoided or or is kept under control, because Taurus will realize that it can only themselves to rely on.
8th house is not only a field support of others, or regeneration through sexual energy, this is sometimes forgiveness of those we love. Taurus as it will wander due to excessive expectations in relying just on those who can not be trusted and who can not help him. For questions purposes, search objectives, but this is not a favorable period, because goals can be too much or can be painted an idea, illusion and dogma that it hampers the work. However, with Saturn as the ruler of his career, which seeks discipline in the sphere of capital investments, the search for sponsors, investors, this is the focus of Taurus in his career during 2016 that will not be easy.
What annoys Taurus during this period are limited circumstances which are in the form of government or superiors and law, it is mostly those that can not be influenced. So a slower pace and stagnation until September 2016, and from that moment on dismissal and expansion. According to Finance unfavorable aspects to September will be reflected in an existential crisis, especially from April to May 2016 and again later in June.
However, knowing that tenzis period has an end and that everything is better than September 8, when the Taurus to arrive more business offer and when it will be able to choose and design their own work environment, associates, and even business operates mitigating . He’ll be back confidence in the life of Taurus in the sphere of labor, and will be until October 2017. The real struggle with competitors, competition and great alliances in October and November 2016.
All in all, a challenging year, especially in the field of love, and those who are parents of children in the joy of working and socializing with them.